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Dear friends,

In spite of the heavy ordeal inflicted on them, the Little Sisters of Mary wish to continue to live their life of prayer and offering, in community, through an association :

"Redemptoris Mater"

created to enable them to faithfully continue the work of their Foundress, Mother Mary of the Cross.

Beyond the serious moral prejudice that the Little Sisters have suffered, this conflict with the ecclesiastical authorities also causes significant financial prejudice, with its share of uncertainties for the present and for the future.

Les Petites Sœurs is appealing to your generosity to help them support their communities and meet the exceptional costs involved in this sad affair.

Thanks to our website you can send your donation directly to the Little Sisters of Mary, according to the formula that suits you best:

  • By check

  • By bank transfer

  • By credit card

If you have any difficulty in making your donation, or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by email :

Make your donation by cheque:

Send your cheque in euros, made out to "Association Redemptoris Mater" to the following address:


Redemptoris Mater

2 rue du Capech

31620 Castelnau d'Estretefonds


Make your donation by bank transfer

Here are the IBAN /RIB contact details of the association of the Little Sisters of Mary "Redemptoris Mater"


Establishment code : 17807

Counter code : 00010

Account number : 05521043478

RIB key : 07

IBAN : FR76 1780 7000 1005 5210 4347 807


Make your donation by credit card

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Indicate the amount of your donation and make the choice by credit card

Important please :

once your donation has been made, please send us an Information Message, using the form below, indicating the amount of your donation, your name, first name and address.

You can also entrust an intention of prayer to the Little Sisters

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