L'Association de soutien

Les Petites Sœurs de Marie


Association for the Support of the Little Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Redeemer


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Message from the Little Sisters of Redemptoris Mater

19 March 2020

Solemnity of Saint Joseph

Dear friends,

It has been some time since we have given you any news, and in these difficult times that our country is going through, we want to tell you how the confinement to which we are all subject, for the good of each one, has no hold on the deep bonds that prayer and affection have woven between us. Thus, we know that we find ourselves, as often as we wish, in that communion of saints so dear to our faith.

On this Solemnity of St. Joseph, we wish to begin by reiterating our deepest gratitude for your support. In this long ordeal, there are still many of you with us, surrounding us in a thousand ways, each one more delicate and effective than the last. Your prayer sustains us in our daily lives and enables us to stand at the foot of the Cross, like the Virgin Mary contemplating the crucifixion of her dearest treasure, her Son, her God.

In these hours we want to continue our vocation, to continue to try to be like him, in this offering that is as trusting as it is crucifying, sure that Jesus is there, and that he himself carries our Cross.

Thus, we cannot but be certain of the fruitfulness of this trial, painful among all, but which we offer for the Church and her representatives.

To date, we have no more news to share with you. We are still at the stage of negotiations, which is no doubt coming to an end. We will keep you informed as soon as possible.

In the meantime, we suggest that you join us in a special way in our prayer to Saint Joseph : 

Glorious St. Joseph, head of the Holy Family of Nazareth,

so zealous in providing for all its needs,

extend your tender solicitude to our families, loved ones and communities.

Take under your guidance all spiritual and temporal matters that concern them,

and make their outcome be for the glory of God

and the salvation of our souls.