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Association for the Support of the Little Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Redeemer

This site is entirely dedicated to the support of the Little Sisters of Mary who are facing serious difficulties with the ecclesiastical authorities.

Photo of the Little Sisters - October 2018

The Little Sisters of Mary are relieved of their vows.
Despite their deep desire to remain religious

"We are asked to leave our clothes and religious houses."

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The Association for the Support of the Little Sisters of Mary

sensitize and disseminate to a wide audience all information on how the ecclesiastical authorities have treated the Little Sisters, on the legitimate actions taken by them to defend themselves and on the serious human consequences caused by unjust decisions taken against them.

Extract from the communiqué of the Little Sisters of Mary dated June 3, 2019 :

"[...] No agreement having been found, the authorities in Rome in charge of the Consecrated Life have now decided to choose to release us from our religious vows [...] nwe are profoundly wounded [...]

Paradoxically and mysteriously, we live perhaps more than ever perhaps what is at the heart of our vocation: following in the way of Our Lady, to take our part of suffering in the fulfilment of the plan of our Redemption, in reparation, for the saving of souls, for the sanctification of priests, for the Church so damaged by all sorts of scandals, for the world. If Christ, our souls' spouse, judges us worthy of carrying such a Cross, we must render thanks to him, in all things. [...]"